It must be satisfying for the real brothers McCourt to see their fans packing the Triad Theatre on 72nd Street. Not so much as a play as a celebration of two Irish boys through a series of character sketches and monologues, "A Couple of Blaguards" is about the most satisfying adult entertainment in town at the moment.
Frank and Malachy McCourt came to America from their home in Limerick, Ireland. Kelly, taking the storyteller role, spends most of his time musing upon the simple life the boys had in Ireland as Duffin swiftly impersonates most of the odd characters who swirled around the boys’ young lives. With 16 families living on a lane and sharing one bathroom, the stories are often funny as well as sad. And many of the tales served as the genesis for Frank’s memoir, the wildly successful Pulitzer Prize-winning "Angela’s Ashes", and Malachy’s "A Monk’s Swimming".
There is much to marvel at, Kelly recalls the time at camp when the boys were admonished by a priest to take cold showers and put aside those wanton lusts for girls. When poor Malachy throws up in his grandmother’s backyard after communion she becomes a dizzy, Irish shrew played by Duffin all aflutter saying, "A grandson has thrown up the body and blood of Jesus Christ in the backyard.
And then there’s the simple Irish standup, from old standbys like "What’s an Irish divorce? The father disappears," to "We come from a long line of dead people," and a favorite, "What did he die of? Nothing serious," both men prove themselves to be excellent character actors having a grand old time entertaining the audience. It’s a vaudeville act with an Irish brogue.
Upon their mother’s passing, evening ends and as McCourt (Duffin) and McCourt (Kelly) toast the audience, a cheery, cheeky time has been had by all.

by Ricky Spears