Frank and Malachy describe the setting to be: "anywhere... kitchen, bar, field"

Several companies have chosen a "bar" set.

Howard Platt has chosen a miminal set, as pictured below.

The set consists of a table, two chairs and two photographic drops. Stage right depicts a Limerick lane. Stage left depicts the Brooklyn Bridge. The flats are approximately 15 to 20 feet apart. Behind each flat is a six foot table holding props and a microphone for offstage voices. Not shown is a podium stage right, and a coat rack stage left. If the drops are not available, black "legs" may be substituted. Of paramount importance is two pints of Guinness poured with a creamy head, but this is obvious.

For longer runs and larger houses we have more scenery

Howard rests at our touring table.

A podium is stage right

The coat rack is stage left

Basic Lighting Plot

L1 - Pre-Show: A warm glow on photographic drops.
A soft spot on table and chairs. A vibrant green on the back cyc.

L2 - Full --- General lighting which covers the stage

L3 - Special left --- A spot on "Oliver speech", half light rest of stage

L4 - Special right --- A spot on "Podium", half light rest of stage


L5 - Green cyc glow - creates shilhouette

L6 - Movie Theater --- lights flicker, imitating movie projection